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(“We walked into a model of the human heart,” Fey deadpans.) The writer-comedian and the musician-director dated for seven years, have been married for another seven, and have worked together in improv theater in Chicago, on (He composed the bouncy retro theme music.) Richmond still reassures her, all these years later: “Nothing happened. We ate chicken, really good pasta.”And Fey still recoils. “I love using that idea for comedy, but the idea of actually going there? That industry needs to die, by all of us being a little bit better than that.”There’s a reason her former pal Colin Quinn dubbed Tina Fey “Herman the German.” She’s a sprite with a Rommel battle plan.Elizabeth Stamatina Fey started as a writer and performer with a bad short haircut in Chicago improv.

They fell in love quickly, soon after a Sunday afternoon spent together at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. It was disrespectful.”I mention that in the pilot of Liz Lemon puts on a Laura Bush–style pink suit from her show-within-a-show’s wardrobe department to go to lunch with Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan), to try to sign him, and he takes her to a strip club in the Bronx, where she gets drunk and dances onstage with a stripper named Charisma.“I love to play strippers and to imitate them,” says Fey.The Policy shall apply to conduct that occurs on the campus of the University, on or in off-campus buildings or property of the University, and at University sponsored activities, including off-campus education programs and activities, or on public property, as defined below.For purposes of this Policy, the term “campus” includes any building or property owned or controlled by the University within the same reasonably contiguous geographic area of the University and used by the University in direct support of, or in a manner related to, its educational purposes, including residence halls and apartments and any building or property within or reasonably contiguous to the campus that is owned by the University, is frequently used by students, and supports University purposes.Then she retreated backstage at wore a ski hat, and gained weight writing sharp, funny jokes and eating junk food.Then she lost 30 pounds, fixed her hair, put on a pair of hot-teacher glasses, and made her name throwing lightning-bolt zingers on “Weekend Update.” Speeding through the comedy galaxy, she wrote the hit The comedy struggled in the ratings for two years but was a critical success, winning seven Emmys last fall and catapulting Fey into red-hot territory. She has such a German work ethic even though she’s half Greek.

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