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She added on, however, that Murray could be, “jealous and emotionally abusive… At the end of her season, Andi– a former district attorney– chose Josh Murray as her man. In an interview with US Weekly in May, Andi told the news outlet she was certain that she’d spend her life with him.The Challenge technically premiered in June 1998, but its earliest incarnation couldn’t be more different than what the show is now.A cast member on MTV's "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins" claims male members acted like animals during production, in one case raping her with a toothbrush ... Tonya Cooley filed the suit against MTV, Bunim/Murray Productions, Kenneth Santucci, Evan Starkman and others ...Rather, she has preoccupied herself by writing– and not just by releasing her new book.Recently, the 29-year-old wrote a guest column for , in which she commented on the double standards that have come to define certain aspects of The Bachelor and Bachelorette– specifically when it comes to the fantasy suites.This picture is so quintessentially "Room Raiders," I can’t handle it. Can you imagine this series of events happening to you if you actually didn’t know what was going on?

She says nothing happened to the men who allegedly raped her.

Although the lack of cast churn makes The Challenge seem static, the show has evolved more dramatically than any reality competition on the dial.

Shows like Big Brother and Top Chef remain more or less identical to how they began.

Turner [ Manager ], Sydney Filkow [ Winfield ], Dwight Koss [ Doctor ], Coleen Winton [ Sally ] Sonny, Father Pete Vinnie is released from Newark State Penitentiary where he spent 18 months to lock in his cover.

Vinnie's OCB mentor (Stan Demott) is killed by Dave Steelgrave.

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Vinnie convinces the OCB to allow him to work on the Steelgrave case.

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