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Mosher at the National Historic Photographer Art Gallery, 125 State Street, Chicago (C. Mosher was awarded artistic excellence award in Art Photography at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial in Philadelphia), Cook, Lake, Dupage County. See their work Adams & Davies: Adams and Davies, Indianapolis, IN, Marion and Hamilton County. Adams, David Adams) and John Davies are listed as photographers in the Indiana 1870 Census) CDV Photo. A question for those with knowledge on Elliott & Fry cartes...Was the 'Copyright' caption on cdv mounts started being added after certain date or was it randomly used/not used after its inception? He died in 1929 in Redlands, San Bernadino County, California. Biel was born in 1855 to Prussian immigrants (Prussia, Germany). Fundy (Francenea Fundy, Francina Fundy) in 1879 in Vigo County, Indiana. 1860s-1870s mounts were usually white, cream, sepia or very light grey.

Cyril Brass and his wife Constance divorced in 1908.Garrett: M & W Garrett, 720 Market St., Wilmington, Delaware, New Castle County. Hover, artists, over New York Store, Pana, Illinois, Brown County. Hover, a photographer and Sergeant in Company E 5th Illinois Infantry Volunteers during the Civil War) CDV Photo. (known to be Tresslar & Masters: Tresslar & Masters Photographers, Pontiac, Illinois, Livingston or St. (known to be Sidney Tresslar, Sidney Penney Tresslar or Sidney Pinney Tresslar (1843–1924) and possibly his partner photographer William H. (known to be brothers Maurice & Warren Garrett who ran the studio from 1870-1888. (Known to be female photographer Mary E L Chubbuck, who later married William H. (Known to be Alexander Hinsey 1839-1910 and and unknown Pontiac Illinois Perry family photographer, would love info on this if you know) CDV Photo. High end cabinet cards depicting famous athletes regularly sell for hundreds of dollars and more.The earliest cabinet card mounts were thin, light in weight and light cream, sepia, white or off white.

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