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First, I load up some data: After that, I’m doing some work to make my Grid View look beautifull, adding all columns by hand.

I have some custom rowupdating code in my gridview. Edit Index = -1 End Sub This gv is bound to an objectdatasource. Data Bind(); This will cause the grid to refresh and it will see that it is not in edit mode and the row will be back to normal mode. Grid View Updated Event Args ) Handles gv Subusers.

The user clicks edit, edits the record, clicks update and it runs my code. Grid View Updated Event Args ) Handles gv Subusers. "Bobby Edward" wrote: I've tried that as well as other ways...

We can, at this point, cancel the update request if there is some validation error.

When the Update() method is invoked, the Updating event of the Object Data Source fires, providing an opportunity to add or customize the values of any of the Update Parameters.

Figure 1 depicts this series of events and steps when updating a Grid View. Value End If Dim rows Affected As Integer = Adapter. These tasks can also be done at the Object Data Source level through event handlers for its events.

But as I noted in the comments in that method, some collections that should contain the columns (names, old values and new values) are always empty. And the Row Updated method is never even touched!!! NET Forums that I need to use a Data Source control.

For example a Sql Data Source, which is automatically added to your Web Form if you drag-n-drop your way around Visual Studio 2005.

Add the following to the last line of your event method: gv Subusers. Edit Index = -1 End Sub This gv is bound to an objectdatasource.

For a while now I’m trying to figure out why my method, triggered by the Grid View.

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After the end user updates the data and clicks Update, the following steps are performed on postback: During this sequence of steps, a number of events fire, enabling us to create event handlers to add custom logic, where needed.

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